Welcome to my Website!

I hope you find it fun and useful and I’m using a free Word press hosting! I have used HTML to build websites in the past but I have never seriously looked at Word press!lion_1
In one of my Google+ Circles I have many people who are E.S.O.L students and some are new to IT. I have shard Videos with them and I have introduce them to word press.
Those that are E.S.O.L some are professionals in different fields, but language!  For them there will be tips and tools along with techniques on how to manage their learning!fliwers
Those that are IT learners are Job seekers and as they say in discuss: Everything is on line my answer to that will have to be a humorous one: So what lets go pick it of the line!Spoken language and IT learns have many things in common they ar languages. myheaderEverything you see on your computer is rendered by some form of language!To learn any language read and listen is essential and also practice writing what you read. I hope we can take away those fears, and replace with confidence!fliwers_1

lol Even I make mistakes so don’t be afraid when you recognise you mistakes:It will only mean you are making great progress!
Hope you like the name Bill Tosh and before you ask, my dad’s name is not Peter, I’m just a Thinker from the school of African Thinkers!